Saints We Are

By: Fr. Randy Figuracion, SDB

When we talk about “saints,” we immediately think of the “canonized ones” – those proclaimed by the Church as blessed because they have lived extraordinary lives beyond that of an average Christian. Here we note that the Church does not make or create saints, but rather recognizes their virtues and present them to the faithful as role models in the practice of the faith.

The first saint I have known is San Antonio of Padua. My mom entrusted me to his care in my childhood. She even added it as my baptismal name. He was known for his persuasive preaching and impressive miracles borne out of his deep faith in God. The saint who inspired me most is St. John Bosco. Having read his life as a boy, his personality captivated me because he was such a talented individual both in nature and in grace. But my favorite saint is John Paul II because he inspired me to be a priest. Most of all, he is the only saint I have seen in my life.

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Making A Difference

Training Centers in the Rural Areas Strengthened

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These past five years, efforts have been made to strengthen the training centers in the rural areas namely Mati, Borongan, and Dumangas. Many of our poor young people can be found in these places. To provide more opportunities for them, necessary upgrading of facilities, equipment and staff were made.

In Don Bosco Mati a new administration and training center building, workshops building, IFT laboratory, and ladies hostel were built through the assistance of the Municipal Government of Vitoria-Gasteiz in Northern Spain coursed through the Salesian NGO Youth and Development Foundation (JYD), the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development coursed through the Salesian NGO Don Bosco Mondo, and Australian Aid through the Philippines – Australia Community Assistance Program.

Computer Laboratory and Library
Ladies Hostel
IFT Laboratory and Classroom
Administrative and Training Center Building
Workshops Building
























In Don Bosco Borongan a new training center and a new youth center gym were built in Barangay Taboc, a gym and evacuation shelter was also built in Barangay Bato and the old training center was renovated. New equipment were also acquired to meet with TESDA standards. Funding of the improvements in Borongan came from the German Doctors for Developing Countries,  La Stampa Foundation – Mirror of Times, and the Association of Former Salesian Students in Italy.

Gym and Evacuation Shelter
Youth Center Gym
New Training Center Building










In Don Bosco Dumangas the training center was renovated and an ongoing expansion is underway. Equipment and staff were also upgraded in compliance with TESDA registration requirements, thanks to Missioni Don Bosco and Don Bosco Mondo.

Renovated Training Center Building
Computer Laboratory
Welding Workshop