Saints We Are

By: Fr. Randy Figuracion, SDB

When we talk about “saints,” we immediately think of the “canonized ones” – those proclaimed by the Church as blessed because they have lived extraordinary lives beyond that of an average Christian. Here we note that the Church does not make or create saints, but rather recognizes their virtues and present them to the faithful as role models in the practice of the faith.

The first saint I have known is San Antonio of Padua. My mom entrusted me to his care in my childhood. She even added it as my baptismal name. He was known for his persuasive preaching and impressive miracles borne out of his deep faith in God. The saint who inspired me most is St. John Bosco. Having read his life as a boy, his personality captivated me because he was such a talented individual both in nature and in grace. But my favorite saint is John Paul II because he inspired me to be a priest. Most of all, he is the only saint I have seen in my life.

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Making A Difference

EAO CYM and SocCom in Vietnam

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Don Bosco, Da Lat Vietnam, November 11-14, 2017
The Salesian EAO Youth Ministry and Social Communications delegates have converged in Da Lat Vietnam. The first two days, the Delegates met according to their commissions to receive inputs from the Salesian Councilors on Youth Ministry, Fr. Fabio Attard and the Salesian Councilor on Social Communication, Fr. Gonzales Filiberto. On the third day, the delegates met together to learn and share how the commissions could synergize their efforts for an effective Salesian Ministry in their provinces. Fr. Klement Vaclav was also present to share his insights and plans.
(By our own correspondent)