Social Conscience

By: Fr. Randy Figuracion, SDB

I used to be naughty as I was growing up. I would tease my young siblings especially my sister to the point of making her angry; many times to the point of tears. She even ran after me with a table fork! I had the liberty to do this because my parents were away. At home, we only had our helper who was also a distant relative to manage the house. But I was beyond her control. At any hint of trouble, I was the culprit.

When dad arrived, my sister would immediately report all my trouble making at home. At first, my dad would call me and advise me to be more kind and respectful. But after several warnings and futile efforts to correct me, he was forced to execute disciplinary measures. I remember my dad spanking me several times. I resented him for that. On hindsight, I realize what my dad did was right. He had the duty to correct me. I believe, I am a better person today because of those “spankings.” Today I understand better that he did what he should do because he truly cared for me.

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Making A Difference

Missionary Expedition of 22 Salesians

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The month of September is marked by significant missionary events. The most
important of them is the missionary expedition of 22 Salesians to Mongolia, Pakistan,
Papua New Guinea, Siberia, Japan, Australia, Great Britain, Spain, Ireland, Ecuador,
Antilles, D. R. of Congo and the new foundation in Malaysia. There are 3 missionaries
from Europe, 2 from America, 4 from Africa and 13 from Asia. They will receive a
formation in Rome and in places of Salesian importance. They will be sent out, together
with the FMA missionaries, on September 24, from the Basilica of Mary Help of
Christians. This month we also begin a three-month-long on-going course of formation on
Mission ministry. 20 Salesians (5 missionaries from Africa, 14 from America and 1 from Asia)
will start a pilgrimage to Salesian sites on 17 September. Then, along with other
participants, they will continue at the UPS, Rome. They will fresh on up their missionology,
spirituality and salesianity. The programme culminates with a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
All these confreres of ours, the very young and the very experienced, will offer the Congregation
and the Church a renewed and intelligent missionary enthusiasm. They will learn to bring
Christ to confront the new challenges of the world and of today’s youth. Let us pray for these Salesians
and also for all of us, so that we may bring the fire of the Holy Spirit wherever the Lord desires to.

Out of the 22 missionaries, we have two coming from the two provinces of the Philippines:
(FIN): Fr. Ramon Borja, SDB to Malaysia
(FIS): Fr. Eugene Maglasang, SDB to Pakistan

May there be more Salesians willing to be missionaries outside their own countries.

CAGLIERO 11, N. 105 – September 2017
The Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation