Us in the East Asia Oceania Region

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The Regional Councilor of the East Asia Oceania Region

The regional Councillors promote a more direct liaison between the provinces and the Rector Major and his Council.

They look after the interests of the province, assigned to them. They foster in the general Council a knowledge of   the local situations in which our mission is carried out.(C.. 140)

Fr. Vaclav Klement

Province of origin: Korea

Nationality: Czek

Date of Birth: October 7, 1958

1st Profession: September 4, 1982

Ordination: May 25, 1986


AUL – Australia

CIN – China

FIN – Philippines North

FIS – Philippines South

GIA – Japan

ITM – Indonesia-Timor Leste

KOR – Korea

MYM – Myanmar

PNG – Papua New Guinea

THA – Thailand

VIE – Vietnam